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When Your Groom Isn’t Excited for Engagement Pictures…

September 3, 2018

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So you’re ready for your engagement session… you got your outfits picked. Selected the location. And are feeling giddy to get in front of the camera with your love…. then you look over at your fiancé and he’s all 🙄🙄. Clearly he doesn’t share your excitement about being photographed. But guess what?! THATS NORMAL and actually quite common!! Most guys are not jumping for joy for their engagement session. And that’s ok. 

Obviously, you know your groom the best, but if you think it’ll be helpful, here’s what you guys can expect at your engagement session.  Feel free to let him read this!This engagement session is supposed to be FUN.  It’s a laid back time to capture you guys in a relaxed way.  Its a time for you guys to get comfortable with me and how I work behind the camera (The more comfortable you are with me, the more relaxed you’ll be for photos on wedding day) so there is no pressure to “perform”.  I want you guys to just be you! 

The first 15-20 minutes are going to feel weird and uncomfortable especially if you have never been in front of a camera before.  You’re getting used to me and how I work and direct.  And you’re getting used to posing.  It’s ok to laugh at how awkward you feel! I mean we don’t normally stand in a beautiful field, nose to nose, with that golden hour sun behind us. But no matter how silly it feels, it’ll definitely  be worth it! I have noticed with every engagement session that usually after that 20 minute mark both the bride and groom are feeling more and more comfortable and you can see it in the images!

Just think of this time to love on each other!  Its a time to outwardly express how you feel about your fiancé on the inside. Everyone has their own level of comfort when it comes to PDA, and you don’t have to do anything that’s out of your comfort zone… but some extra hugs and kisses never hurt anyone! 

Most importantly, I am not expecting you guys to know what to do!  I will show you and help direct you.  Did you know, that most “candid” poses of couples on my website are first set up and directed by me?  It takes a little instruction to know what to do to get those natural looking expressions, so don’t worry about posing or what to do.  Usually after that 20 minute mark, these things will come a little more easier!

And if it helps, I have heard most grooms say something along the lines of “that wasn’t that bad” or “that was actually fun” when the engagement session ends!  As the photographer, having fun and helping you feel comfortable is one of my goals!


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