Here's our procedures for covid.

Tightened Restrictions:
If restrictions tighten, but we are still able to be in public places, we will do a modified time slot schedule of one person every 15 minutes or 2 people every 30 minutes (instead of 4 per hour). This allows us to stay away from crowding. You will not be sharing this time with anyone else. If you’re a fast changer, you can probably fit in 3 outfits, but there is a chance you may only be able to fit in 2 outfits. We appreciate your understanding on that!

Please be on time for these sessions as we will not be able to extend your shooting time if you are running behind.

We will also wear masks when needed inside and will keep our distance.


If we go on lockdown and cannot shoot for a month, you will get to makeup those shoots. You can do so anytime within 2 months after the lockdown is lifted. When it's time to schedule your make-up shoots, you would book them in addition to your monthly ones. An example would be booking 3 time slots per month. Two would be your regular monthly shoots and 1 would be your makeup. You can do that twice after restrictions are lifted or you can book your two make-ups plus your two regular ones all in one month!