- There is no culling or editing needed (we deliver ALL the UNEDITED photos to our members).

- This role is a part time, contract (1099) position with 1-4 hours a week with room to grow.

- The pay rate is $40 per hour with pay increases at the 6 month mark.

- Shoots take place on Tuesday's (adding on Saturday's as we grow), must have flexibility in your schedule on those days.

- Must have reliable transportation as there is a new location to shoot every week. Locations are all across the city and/or 30 minutes outside of it.

- Must sign a non-disclosure & non-compete agreement. (You are still able to operate your own business and book your own clients with this agreement!)

If you've read through everything above and feel like you're a good fit, follow our 2 step process below to apply for the position!

Step 1: Fill out the application
HERE is the link to the application. Please fill it out.

Step 2: Email us
Send us a quick email to hiring@femforceshoots.com, letting us know your application is submitted. If you seem like a good fit, we will be in touch to schedule a zoom interview.

FemForce is a woman owned company based in AZ with locations in Phoenix, Denver and Dallas. We are expanding to two more cities by the end of 2021.

We think non-traditionally when it comes to photography, that's why we created a monthly photoshoot subscription service that makes it easy and affordable for entrepreneurs to get fresh new photos for social media. We offer shoots at different insta-worthy locations every week!

We have a core group of photographers that we love and give work to every month. We are looking to add to this group as we open more cities!

Our photographers don’t need to worry about marketing, sales, scheduling, locations & admin. We handle the “business side” and all the logistics. All our photographers need to do is show up, shoot and upload photos right after the shoot. You don’t even need to cull or edit (remember we think non-traditionally about photography)!

If you haven't checked out our FemForce website, I highly suggest you take a look to get a feel for what we do!

We are selective with our photographers. We are looking for ones that have technical skills as well as amazing people skills.


- They love photography but don’t want to do the “business side” of it
- They are full of integrity, professionalism and fun!
- They are a go getter
- They can take charge on photoshoot day- especially if things don’t go as planned
- They love fast paced environments
- They have a do-what-it-takes attitude 
- They aren’t afraid of hard work
- They have a friendly & welcoming demeanor 
- They love providing customers an amazing experience all the time
- They have excellent communication skills and are quick to respond to management 
- They can see themselves with FemForce for more than a year.

Does this sound like you? You may be who we're looking for! Read on for more job details!

Must have a professional grade camera and lenses. Canon Rebels or kit lenses won't cut it. (We found the 24-70 2.8- or similar- works best for these types of shoots)

All photographers must be proficient in the following:
- Shooting in manual mode
- Directing & posing portrait and lifestyle type photos
- Shooting in natural light, inside and outside. 
- Nailing exposure, focus, cropping, etc all in camera
- Shooting quickly in a fast paced environment

Now hiring photographers in Dallas, Austin & Miami